Friday, May 10, 2013

A farm homestead {the bud ogle place]

      A few pictures of a mountain farm. They raised 10 kids farming on land the Tax assessor deemed unfit for crops or cattle.
the mt where this farm is

    The farm is about 2 miles above and to the right of the building.The town is a mile below this picture.

from the porch of house up to barn
the corn crib

the hogs and chickens house

                                                                   These pictures and what little has survived a 140 years only give a  hint of what life was like in the 1870s.A lot of people call themselves survivalists but these people didn't just survive they thrived and left us a rich and vast knowledge base.I guess thats why i love history.


  1. Hi Gary,
    This is off topic but I am very interested in building a small trailer to tow with my 4 cylinder S-10 Pick-up. I'm wondering what the dimensions of your trailer are?

    1. Mike mine is a 4x8.The best advice on a trailer build this size is use a harbor feight trailer.They are 4x8 and i used 1/2 inch plywood on floor and sides.I used textured fiberglass shower wall from Lowes for the top.
      trailer is 249 on sale
      wood, fibeglass, screws, and glue allow 400 is doable.

  2. start here!!!!