Friday, October 31, 2014

Season is done .

     The fall festival season is winding down .Once cold weather moves in people tend to stay indoors around here all it takes is it to be in the low 50s upper 40s.I did the haunted house and this weekend am at a bike rally.Made a little on the haunted house but the rally is shaping up as a loss. Even a small business needs to reevaluate its business model from time to time.Over this winter I will be giving some real thought to what kinda events I will be working in the future.
     I have dabbled in many different types of food and setups in the last few years the only one that has been consistent is BBQ. The BBQ has done good as a free standing stand and generates its own traffic.The funnel cakes and shaved ice has worked well at family events with moderate crowds.Most other items have been a Bust and lost money.At least in the off season I have time to plan next year.To be successful you Must have a plan!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Been busy with family and work.

     I know I haven't posted in a while but have been working a little more. Have been doing the haunted house this month glad I took it to do have made a little extra.Not much but it has helped,first 2 weekends I made very little but last weekend made 200 and hope this weekend is better.
It is a kid friendly venue that has a lot of families and teens coming
though but a lot of the younger ones tend to stay outside and wait.I know 200 may sound kinda low but at 3.00 or less a item it takes a lot to get there.Doing this has given me a chance to get back into the swing of doing funnel cakes and shaved ices again.

   Have had to deal with family issues all month.My son seems to always have a meltdown of some sort in October so he has been at the daughter had her car stole 2 weeks ago, my mom came down for a week.My stepdaughter is due in a week due on the 30th.And I have to get ready for a bike rally that starts the 30th .So as soon as November gets here im going to drag the wife into the teardrop for 3 days some where for conjugal relations because with a packed house and other folks issues we NEED some us time.Sorry for ranting,thats what blogger is for isn't it venting commenting what you think.OK got it off my chest im good.

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween just remember thanksgiving is a month away.But the good news I have CANCELED CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

new computer's take time to set up.

     Sorry for not posting but I got an early Christmas present.My daughter bought me a new laptop.My old one was an 06 model.It  was on its last leg ,missing keys and a ton of other issues.I have had to hand type in my favorites to the new one but kindle did transfer its files to this one now I have to do family pics and movies by hand.the old one will still be used but I am getting to like this one.
    I may one day faraday cage the old one but for a while I will use it for something.This new HP has wireless so mabe I can use it when camping.Windows 8 takes some getting use to but will learn.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Do you have a grab and go bucket?

     Yesterday I posted about the shelf life of kruesteaz pancake mix. Because i had found an old one in a grab and go bucket.I have 4 grab and go buckets to go with our bug out bags.In these buckets i have packed calories for 2 weeks plus each.The idea behind them is if you have to bug out and abandon your supplies what is the best bang for the weight and risk.I use blue Wal Mart buckets for most prep's but the grab and go's are orange home depot buckets.In packing a bucket I don't duplicate what is in our bags and concentrate on food.

1. 10lb kruesteaz pancake mix
2  4lb sugar
3  3 lb rice
4  2  1 lb can hams
5  small bag of bullion cubes
6  3 cans tuna
7  3 to 4 lb pintos used as packing peanuts
8  small jar peanut butter 
Believe it or not if you pack tight you will have room beyond this for other items.Always look for compact calories maybe raisins dried fruit candy nutella.This bucket is to get you to where you are going not a forever plan.Remember what you have cached what is at your destination and plan accordingly.

P.S. Some people have a problem with using pintos loose as filler.
I normally would but in this case i have a bigger problem with wasted space.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A cheap prepp that has great shelf life.

     OK we all know about beans and rice,whole wheat,sugar.All these are great long term storage items.Alone they aren't very appetising so you need other items to benefit from them.One item every prepper should have in my opinion is Krusteaz pancake mix.I get a 10lb bag at Sam's for 6.98 It makes 200 or so pancakes that can be eaten plain or with butter and syrup.
    I have eaten a bag that was 4 years out of date and could not tell it from new.No it wasn't froze it was in a 5 gallon bucket in the basement.Now it had not been opened was just stored in what i call a grab and go bucket.Usually they are stamped with a use by date 18 months to 2 years out.I have no fear of this product 3 to 5 years or more past the use by date.A 10 lb bag has 16,000 calories add in a little sugar syrup(1 quart hot water 4 lb sugar tbs vanilla).For under 10$ you get over 24,000 calories.