Friday, October 31, 2014

Season is done .

     The fall festival season is winding down .Once cold weather moves in people tend to stay indoors around here all it takes is it to be in the low 50s upper 40s.I did the haunted house and this weekend am at a bike rally.Made a little on the haunted house but the rally is shaping up as a loss. Even a small business needs to reevaluate its business model from time to time.Over this winter I will be giving some real thought to what kinda events I will be working in the future.
     I have dabbled in many different types of food and setups in the last few years the only one that has been consistent is BBQ. The BBQ has done good as a free standing stand and generates its own traffic.The funnel cakes and shaved ice has worked well at family events with moderate crowds.Most other items have been a Bust and lost money.At least in the off season I have time to plan next year.To be successful you Must have a plan!


  1. Gary, do what you do best,,,, BBQ.
    Improve on it, refine your costs, get a good reputation and business will get better.

  2. Thanks Mike.The BBQ is doing fine the problem is I have maxed what I can do in this location as a roadside stand.I can do more here but need to find what the market wants. It wants a sit down casual place but im not willing to be tied down to 80 hours a week again.