Thursday, November 6, 2014

Living within my means must make me odd.

     Is living within ones  income a thing of the past, an oddity in todays world?Between me and the wife we have 7 kids of the 7 only 2 seem to live within their income level.I have a daughter that bearly scraps by and a stepson that is doing ok.All the others lurch from crisis to crisis and are always broke and borrowing payday to payday.I do not help like I have in the past I don't  have it but for some reason the kids ( the 5 idiots) think we do.My wife is the more tender hearted and would hand them what they were crying they need.
     I have looked at some spending habits of the kids and myself and have found its the small stuff that makes the biggest difference in having money.
     When I leave to do anything I take a cooler with water and can drinks sandwiches crackers . If someone is with me I pack for them to . Maybe cost 3.50 for both
      The kids stop at gas stations get 20oz sodas ,junk food , then they leave go to Mc D for a big Mc Meal . For 2 they will spend 20$ or more plus gas.
     Ok this may seem trivial but they do this 5 days a week its around a 100$ for a week difference.
     The 5 kids all have car payments me and the other 2 kids drive used and payed for cars and only carry liability . The difference is 350 to 400 a month.
      Now I am not cheap we love to camp we like to eat out(got to love Logan;s 2 for 14.99) once a week . Here is another big difference  they eat out 3 to 4 times or more a week 30 to40 a meal.

     Now just what I have listed can make 800 to 1000$ a month difference in budget.It blows my mind when they are talking about how broke they are .
      If I am broke we skip camping we eat at home and eat cheaper at the house , If something breaks we tighten our spending (washer craped out Monday).The cars stay parked unless its a have to .There is an old saying "Watch the pennies The dollars will take care of themselves". 

     I once lived beyond my income level and can tell anyone the stress is unbelievable. I had to have 2 full time jobs at one point now I prefer having less and more time.  


  1. Smart man!

    A simple life is the best life.


    1. hi. we are much older than you and are deep in debt. hope the economy holds for three yrs. as that is the estimate on the time it will take to be debt free.
      enjoy your website much.
      deb h.

    2. A simple life would be nice .One day I may have it.