Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Remember its a holiday and your related

      First let me wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Slow down and try to enjoy the time off have a good time catching up with the family that you never see except at holidays. Eat a little of everything on the table and double up on the desserts. Please spend a little extra time and not rush off to the next gathering one or two relatives' may not still be here for next year. Remember this is your family. You didn't get to pick them you got them through genetics it is never as much fun as being with friends (we get to choose them).

    OK enough of the traditional platitudes. We all have to endure at least 2 days of this a year. We have 52 weekends to hang out with people of our own choosing we call them friends sure some we disagree with on some things but we still like them enough to enjoy their company. On Thursday stick to the traditional attitudes. NEVER EVER SPEAK THE TRUTH.you know what I am talking about here is the list.
    Jenny dumped a box of sage in the dressing!
    Linda cooked the heat and serve ham for 6 hours.
    Bill fried a Turkey till the drumsticks were gone
    Great aunt Ruby should have gave up cooking 5 years ago WHAT THE HELL WAS IT SPOSE TO BE????
    Uncle Fred was drunk when he showed up .
    Uncle Larry is looking at your sister in law like( we don't want to know.)
    You have to hold your tongue when 8 kids are running through the house like Indians and you cant remember who belongs to who
    All this while cousin Ed and Jeff are telling you why your team shouldn't be #1 in football (DAMN AUBURN FANS!!!!)
  Relax and enjoy time with the family. You have 363 days you can be with friends.



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