Saturday, November 29, 2014

Even the U.N. has questions militerizing of police.

     Normally I would be jumping up and down at the idea of the UNITED  NATIONS butting into our business . In the below article a U.N. committee raises a lot of good point about use of force, torture, and other issues . Most of these points have been raised before within our own government but never addressed . My problem with a lot of this is its broad use and abuse. Isolated abuse has a way of becoming the norm left unchecked .  


  1. I hear to many people who say the USA is always the good guy! Not hardly true. CONgress has been so arrogant and brutal in how they treat us taxpayers and destroying other small countries under the guise removing a dictator, that I feel we are close to NATO or a large country sending troops here to arrest several hundred Congress men and woman and the President for war crimes, then hanging them for those war crimes. It would be the same as our government does to other countries. It's almost a refreshing thought! But truly something has to be done about our politicians very soon.

    1. Mike I think it was Patton that said The victor's write the history books.The government controls what we learn in school and a lot of what we see and hear. We are hated in much of the world for JUSTIFIED reasons. Hypocrisy is us.