Monday, November 17, 2014

Have you checked your cars get home bag?

     Last week when I was helping my son get his place ready for winter I got into my trucks get home bag for something to eat. Now what I had was in date but had been in the tool box for over a year. I am glad it wasn't a life or death situation .Right  now as winter sets in everyone should check what is in their bag make sure the batteries are fresh , food is good , and spare cloth are dry and suitable for the season .
     Ok I gave my son the older batteries and replaced what I had in the truck.
     The food that was in the truck had not handled the heat it was highly questionable . Soup had turned, the canned tuna salad was greenish , the crackers were stale (the lances peanut butter crackers were fine). Water was flat but drinkable. I have replaced everything and packed it in a old six-pack cooler.
     Oh just for the record the only thing edible after a year in the truck tool box was Good Old  vieners ,potted meat and the immortal sardines. Showed me why my grandpa always had them in his truck.
     Just for the heck of it I changed out the clothes and added a few items (extra space blanket and Cliff bars).I still need hand warmers , toboggans and gloves for winter in there.

     Never again will I go a year without changing out my trucks get home gear .I will be doing it seasonally in the future. I had felt safer knowing it was in there but it wouldn't have helped much if I had needed it. Better to swap it out and it be fresh and open the old at the house .

      With cold weather here check your car kit and replace your perishables. YOUR LIFE COULD DEPEND ON IT !!!

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