Sunday, November 16, 2014

The cold weather and winter blues struck early.

     Well the artic blast has roared into town . Right now we have a steady rain that will be followed by low 20 and high teens . Thankfully the ground is still warm so I don't foresee any ice , but its still system shock . I am glad I took the time to clean up the yard and get things put away before last weeks cold came in.
     One thing I forgot to do was check the anti freeze in the cars and trucks so this morning I went car to truck and added enough to hold down to zero in all of them . I can only remember it being below zero for more than a few hours twice so I think im ok . My wife had picked up anti freeze for the camper last week and had supervised me putting it in.
      Can you imagine not having a daily weather forecast (I know they get it wrong a LOT)and having to make plans . I am sure most of us check the 10 day forecast when we sign online . Normally winter catches me with little done this year I was ahead of the curve.

     Now I am not sure if I had the winter blues the last 2 weeks or just 2 bad weeks. First our washer craped out then my son came to the house for a week and my jeeps water pump goes bad . The washer had me worried October was a bad income month . Then my wife remembered we had a washer in the back junk room . Yea my back junk room is that bad , under about 20 boxes stacked in the corner was my old washer . We had been using her washer and I forgot I had stored mine 12 years ago.
     As for my son showing up he hasn't changed . With winter almost here his camper was just like the last time he hadn't done anything to it . He has been living with friends till they run him off .So last week I clear a 1/4 acre of brush move the camper make a shallow septic tank fix the roof , fix the stove buy a battery and hook up a solar panel . As soon as the weather forecast is 30s and 40s his butt is going to stay there . Yea I will get him back for the holidays but he needs to suffer a little discomfort so he will be motivated to improve his living arrangement.
     The jeep was an easy fix 85$ in parts ,pump hoses and new belts 50$ for my mechanic to put them on . Yes I could have but was worth every penny to not have to. 


  1. You got away cheep with the Jeep. Here they will not touch a job with customer supplied parts so the bill would have been more like $750.00 providing it was easy for them. Labor shop rate here is $85.00 and hour!

  2. My mechanic is cheep but he works at his pace any where from 2 days to 2 weeks .His shop is a shed at his house.Kinda shady operation for 30 years.

    1. Those are he best mechanics, they fix only what needs fixing and it's done right the first time.