Saturday, December 28, 2013

Perfect BBQ pork at home

       With the New Years Day almost here you may want some good BBQ.This is a easy way to cook and smoke a whole pork butt at home that is very close to competition quality.
  1 pork roast (butt) 8 to 10 lbs
   Rub Weber's makes a good one I use half rub to half brown sugar.
      Take the butt and rub it all over with your spice rub at 8 at nite.Place it in a pan atleast 4 inches deep fat side up, tent it with foil but don't wrap and seal it.At 1030 to 11 place it in oven at 210 degrees.Now GO TO BED.The next morning around 7 check it with a meat thermometer it should be 175 to 185 in the center.Let it rest for about an hour.
       If you have a smoker place it unwrapped in it and heavy smoke it for 3 hours.If your using a grill place it in the grill and take a tin can with 10 or so charcoal briquettes that are well lite and add hickory,oak or pecan that's wet in it.Place the smoke can in grill and close it up.On a grill it needs 4 hours of smoke.
     It sounds like a lot but you have 15 minutes of work in it and most of the cooking was while you were asleep.After it has smoked you can pull it chop it it will yield about 6 pounds.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Have a Merry Christmas every one !!!!!!!

        Sorry i havent posted in a while with the holidays almost here it has been verry weird around here.Me and the wife have to large a family that think they are still kids .We wish there was a way we could have skiped the kids but still got grandkids.
       I hope every one has a Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

survivalism trash talk

     Last post was to make you think about what risks trash could put you and your prep's in.The disposal of packaging is as important as disposal of human waste. Everyone situation is different but you do need to have a plan so that no one knows where it came from.
   Cans need to be crushed or cut and flattened.
   Cartons and bags need to be broke down
    Bottles need to be reused or shattered and bagged
   A spot needs to be set aside for burying what cant be reused

  At present i burn most of our trash.After SHTF i will sort and bury it.Last week i came in from burning the trash my wife asked me what i was cooking? She said it smelled good,I asked what did she think it smelled like she said fry ed chicken.I then informed her it was 2 bags of garbage.It was grease she had put in one bag from chicken wings.The smell of burning trash can carry a long way just like a wood fire.
   This is just one of those things we take for granted trash is bagged and then disappears.You better have a plan,for sanitation and secrecy.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Survivalism Trash Talk Part 1

     Yesterday i was in the back burning the trash.We use a 55 gallon burn drum to dispose of the garbage here at home.Rural pickup runs almost 20$ a month around here i go 2 the dump every 6 to 8 weeks and empty the burn barrels for 8$.Every time i go to burn i fish out the cans that was in the trash from before.In regular times we have a lot of cans.To cut down on the bulk i crush them and throw them in a bag till its time for the dump.Burnt tin cans are easier to crush than just emptied.As i was doing this chore i looked around and wondered if the SHTF how many more cans there would be!

     Now most peppers have a large number of can goods in there food storage.I have read a lot of blogs on food storage but i have never seen any one write about the trash.Have you thought about it?Look at your food storage how many cans will you have to open per day to feed your family?Do you have any idea what your going to do with the cans,have you ever tried to crush a # 10 can ?I have its not easy.Would it be safe where you live to burn your garbage in a SHTF situation?Do you have room to store your waste boxes cans,bottles and other packaging.Will putting bags on the street and risk someone knowing you have food or store them in the corner of your property and risk your families lives?


Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Blues

          I know a lot of people get the blues around the holidays its normal they think of past family and friends.Some people just dis like the crowds and what Christmas has become.I haven't posted for over a week because i have always been in group 2.It never fails at some point between thanksgiving and Christmas i shut down for a week.this year it was last week.Monday the 25 was my twins birthday They turned 22.Was kinda hard on me when i thought about it now i understand how my mom feels on my and my brothers birthday. I am much better now i am not just sitting and staring at my computer.I did read a lot finish the Dark grid books I highly recommend them. Also read Breakers it was different. Read a short book  Barrows Road it was a housewife point of view survival book.

     Will be back to posting  tomorrow.