Saturday, December 28, 2013

Perfect BBQ pork at home

       With the New Years Day almost here you may want some good BBQ.This is a easy way to cook and smoke a whole pork butt at home that is very close to competition quality.
  1 pork roast (butt) 8 to 10 lbs
   Rub Weber's makes a good one I use half rub to half brown sugar.
      Take the butt and rub it all over with your spice rub at 8 at nite.Place it in a pan atleast 4 inches deep fat side up, tent it with foil but don't wrap and seal it.At 1030 to 11 place it in oven at 210 degrees.Now GO TO BED.The next morning around 7 check it with a meat thermometer it should be 175 to 185 in the center.Let it rest for about an hour.
       If you have a smoker place it unwrapped in it and heavy smoke it for 3 hours.If your using a grill place it in the grill and take a tin can with 10 or so charcoal briquettes that are well lite and add hickory,oak or pecan that's wet in it.Place the smoke can in grill and close it up.On a grill it needs 4 hours of smoke.
     It sounds like a lot but you have 15 minutes of work in it and most of the cooking was while you were asleep.After it has smoked you can pull it chop it it will yield about 6 pounds.


  1. Gary, thanks for the simple recipe. I'll try it out soon just need a smoker of some sort!

  2. Try it out mike any box to hold smoke will do.All that is realy need is tin can with smoking wood and a container for the meat and smoke.the meat is done out of the oven.

  3. Gary, thanks for the info! Tried it today with 5 pounds of country style ribs and it worked great! Best ribs I have ever made! Only smoked them for a couple of hours in a Weber Smokey Joe grill and the smoke flavor was all the way through.

    Dave (also in Bama)

    1. Glad you liked this method i have had good luck with it.I love country ribs it is just pork butt sliced and stripped .