Thursday, January 2, 2014

Propane tanks do have a expiration date.

    Last summer i was out making a round of yard sales in my area.They are a good place to pick up great deals on some items.On one trip came across 3 20 lb. propane tanks for 20 dollars.Of the 3 two were old and didn't even have the new safety valves on them but one was newer and almost full so i jumped on them.I have been using the one that was full on my vending trailer but it ran out just before Christmas.
    I took all 3 down to the local ACE Hardware to be refilled this week.I have dealt with this store for years they are good people.They put 17 to 20 lbs in a tank for 12.00$.The last time t carried my other tanks they showed me how 20 lb tanks are stamped on the collier with different weights of fill.I always assumed a 20lb tank held 20 lbs .

   This trip they refused to fill the tanks.The 2 old ones were made in 1997 and one i had used was made in 2000.The man showed me the date stamp and informed me they wouldn't refill any over 8 years old and by law any over 12 had to be re-certified as safe.I do go in there a good bit so he told me to take them to Wal-Mart and swap them out.If i could he said grab the newest of the 17lb plus ones. I swapped the 2 oldest ones for 2 made in 2011 that held 15 lbs but are stamped as 17.8lbs safe for 36$.The other tank i will take later with one i found i already had that was dated 8/07 its being used first.
       I now have 6 tanks my goal is for them to be all refillable with 17+ lbs and under 4 years old so i can refill them before swapping them out.Around here a refill is 12.00$ for what a tank is rated a swap is 16.00$ for 15 lbs.
     P.S. Propane never goes bad but the tanks do have a refill date for some its not an issue but for me it is because some months i can run through 3 or more tanks.

a new tank has a date and fill weight stamped on collar

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