Thursday, January 16, 2014

A good read.About what may come

         If you have never read his blog i strongly recommend it.He is a little different in that he is a practicing druid and believes we are in for a long slow decent as a civilisation back to sustainable population and level of technology.Now if you are a believer that we will have a TEOTWAWKI event he my piss you off.The druid says we are going to repeat declines of the past.He thinks most preppers want to survive and not have to change from today's lifestyle.
        I have read his blog for over a year and he makes a strong argument for his beliefs but even he admits that there will be periods of steep decline followed by periods of recovery.Now i don't know about you but a steep decline in my life time would qualify as the SHTF but to him its history repeating itself.

     I do not know about most people but to me long term thinking is in decades.To some it is only a year others it may be generational.It is hard to think in terms of hundreds of years.At 50 years of age i only have to think about the next 30 or so years.To think beyond my life time is scary.

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