Sunday, January 5, 2014

Buckboard Bacon

     Today i started making Buckboard bacon.I have been wanting to make some for over a year now.I have read about it on other blogs and wanted to have a go at it.Normally i BBQ 8 to 16 Boston Butts a weekend so i always have them on hand.This weekend i cooked 14(not bad for January on the side of the road)and had 2 left over .I debone 1 and cut it in to2  4 lb pieces.The cure i used was from this blog   the only changes i made was i used 8 oz salt and 8 ounces brown sugar and no nitrate salt.I used 2 oz of rub from the BBQ in the mix (my preference).
   In 10 to 12 days i will be cold smoking this overnight and then finish smoking it to 140 to 150 internal temp.I hope it turns out close to this  pictures marbling.
     The name Buckboard seems to have come from cured and smoked pork carried on wagon trains out west. It was packed in a box or barrel of buckwheat.To head west a family was required to have 50 lbs of salted cured pork packed in Buckwheat.Remember this was late May through  September.

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