Thursday, January 9, 2014

Raising the minimum raise !

     On several blogs there has been a lot of discussion about our head socialist president wanting to RAISE the minimum wage.Normally i am against anything that comes out of his mouth but i favor raising the minimum wage.Not for the same reasons as Kenyan but because we are #10 in the industrial world as far as minimum wage in terms of dollars and #12 in terms of its purchasing power!!
     We have the second largest economy in the world but rank #10 and 12 as far as required pay.Wow that came as a surprise when i googled it.The department of labor says that less than 1.1 percent of American workers make minimum wage but that's horse crap.Wal Mart ,McDonald and a dozen other large employers DO NOT PAY MINIMUM WAGE.They start at 7.45 they pay more,why so the minimum wage will stay low.Most real minimum wage jobs are with mom and pop business's that struggle to pay that.I know iwas one 3 years ago.Many weeks you get nothing so you can make payroll.We need a tiered system for teens 16 to 18 and 18 and over.
     Even if we went to 9.00 we would only move up to #8and #9 as far as world ranking.The argument that it would cut jobs is BS company's have cut so deep most cant cut any more.Some people think that employers will expect more work with a hike,maybe but i have always gave my all regardless of pay i think most people do.
    Overall the benefits to a higher minimum wage far outweighs the adverse affects it will have.The worst offender of Poor pay will remain they always have an excuse as to why.Mom and POP company's will be hurt but they will adapt.Maybe a big mac will go up 25 cents its not worth 3.25 now.Can many places increase prices on products that are garbage?


  1. Gary, what will happen is the Dem's will soon ask for $35.00 and hour. Just how many people will pay $25.00 for a Big Mac meal? It will be the destruction of entry level fast food jobs because ALL FRANCHISE RESTAURANTS will go to the vending machine route and do away with the can't make change employees and their obamacare benefits.

    1. Mike around here most fastfood employees are not high school kids.The employers perfer adults at 7.50 to 8.00 an hour.I stated i favor a 2 tiered system.A 9.00$ min. wage for 21 and over isnt a buisness killer.Oh i rarley eat at franchise,s Local dinners and dives have better food for only 2 to 3 dollars more a meal.