Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A holiday weekend is no time to travel

    Most people that work love 3 day weekends its when they can get to a park or lake and enjoy a long weekend with the family.Some go to the beach or go see family.For me i stay home all the places i like to go are packed the week before and the week after a holiday.Now  i am not anti social but holiday crowds is not my thing anymore.
     This weekend will be a BBQ marathon for me i have pre orders and a lot of folks have called to check when i would have my butts and ribs ready this weekend.I never camp on friday saturday or sunday but i feel robed of options this week and next week.I feel for wage slaves that have limited travel windows and im willing to bow out of their way.
     Friday will be something to see i set up on a state hiway on the way to two large lakes and i think the road will be packed.I already see a lot of boats and campers  going to the lakes.For me i will stay home and cook for those that are headed out to play.
    My stepson plans on going camping this weekend him and his wife have called 4 campgrounds and had no luck finding a site.If they find a spot its way down the list of choices.Four years ago when we started camping i would say camping aint crowded.I cant say that anymore.People that would have never have stayed in a cheap motel are setting up a tent and ruffing it just to be away.Let me tell you you can tell a lot about strangers watching them set up a campsite!!!! But that a few post in itself.
     I wish everyone a happy and safe memorial day weekend !!
My plan is to do BBQ and stay home i am getting all my supplies and running around done today and tommorow so i wont have to go anywhere till next tuesday.

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