Monday, June 3, 2013

A great weekend done

     Well the long weekend is now done. I way underestimated what i would sell.I run through 38 Boston butts 15 slabs of ribs and 12 chickens.Not to bad for a fat man on the side of the road.Over 4 days i worked 25 hours and was set up maybe 20 of them.the 4th of July this year is on a Thursday so it will be a 4 day weekend for most folks.I will not be caught short on a holiday again by not having enough.I even had 2 hours i had to get my wife to help me i was crushed with people.
      Good food at a fair price = lots of customers and i like all 3 . I want 1 more year of loafing and travel before i open a restaurant.A lot of folks have said your good at it we need it . I just want to have fun and recharge my batteries before i go at it again.I know this will be my last rodeo in business so i am not going to rush in to it. It may be for life ,I may give it to the kids and take a monthly salary, it may just be sold off .Chasing a dollar isn't as high a priority as  i get older.I much prefer camping, a cold coke and playing slap and tickle with the wife.Maybe my priorities are off but i do enjoy them!

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