Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My teardrop build took a U turn

      The last post i did was me telling you i had a old pop up trailer.I got the trailer to do a 5 wide teardrop.This pop up was a storm victim a large branch landed on it during some straight line winds the tree smashed flattened a brand new Z300 parked beside it.Since it had been 6 weeks i stop ed and knocked to find out if they wanted to sell the camper.All i was looking for was the frame and axle,the man told me insurance had totaled it and he was going to scrap it.I asked if i could make an offer instead.he asked how much?I wanted it so i offered 150$ .He wrote the bill of sale found me the spare all the owner manuals and helped me get it hitched in 15 minutes i had it home.
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    The picture doesn't show but its leaning a foot to the right from bent lift struts{it was up when hit}.The roof only has about a foot of damage.The inside is in good shape a little water damage, the wall panel's and door is perfect.So instead of a teardrop I'm going to build a lite standy.I have a sink a fridge an ice chest stove and a place for a potty already.I will only have to redo the nose and rear and cut out the crushed part of the roof and support the walls.So i am now building a standie!!!!!!                                                    PS it will wieght 1300 lb or less

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