Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Full house of kids/dogs

    Sorry i haven't posted any more of the trailer build but i have had a full house.My step daughter and her dog have been staying with us my son drifted back home and everyone we know has come by to visit for a day here and there.Today we had 4 of our daughters my son ,my mother and 4 dogs and the grand son here!!
    The trailer is fully blacked in and dry.I have lots of pics to get on here as soon as i have time.It has turned out nice but i have yet to pull it down the road to see if it will pull OK.If it pulls OK it is a camper if it doesn't it will go to the back yard as my man cave/ prepping storage.Last few weeks i have noticed a lot of stuff i had put up scattered around the house.I have to regather up my flashlights DVD player,lanterns and a few other odds and ends the kids have borrowed plus get some batteries to replace the raided ones.
     I guess its my fault for having the stuff handy.I need to put some of it in the basement no one but me goes down there.It,s a shame that i have to hide it to have it when its needed.And no borrowing my flashlight because you cant find yours isn't a good reason CLEAN YOUR ROOMS i have gave you 3 already.
       After the last 2 weeks i still love our kids but i am tired of their company!!! I know prepping is about family but some times it feels like DARWIN is telling me I'm wasting effort.As soon as the 4th of july weekend is done im going to the beach i need it i deserve it and NO kids!!!!

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