Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Laying out my new standy camper.

      Ok when i start anything like this i have to sit and stare at what i have to work with and where i want to end up. First is structural strength so it wont fall apart going down the road.Second is utility,It has to work for what we need camping.Third is i want it to be aerodynamic so it pulls good and gets decent gas milage.
     I began the work day with a POT of coffee staring at the stripped pop up running differant layouts and ideas through my mind.The sun was out and hadnt got hot yet so i was moving slow.I decided that the main component was going to be the walls and roof supported by 2x3s as cornner posts.
roof on bent supports
    The frount of the roof will have to be cut off the rods replaced with 2x3s and the windows/walls reattached.The heigth of the roof will be about 3 inches lower but i will be able to stand with ease.

got to save the door and windows
   If i can save the sides and most the roof this is not going to cost 500 total. As the first pic shows i have the sides down  then i took the roof off and cut it off about a foot.
      Ok 2 trips to lowes and six hours of sweat later i had the walls plum to the cornner 2x3s with 1/4 inch bolts in 4 places for strength.My daughter helped me set the roof back on, it was big but lite.It was screwed in with 8 self tapping screws along a strong aluminum seam.


  1. That'll seem mighty roomy compared to your neat little teardrop.

    The wife & I just picked us a vintage(that's double-speak for old - 1966 model) camper up in Arkansas; it was very reasonably priced. The old gal needs some TLC, but not too much. We plan to take her out for a shake down cruise first of next month.


  2. cogradulations!!!! hope you and your wife have a blast.It will come togeather after a trip or 2 let her do the inside how she wants it to be.Ifyou make sure its in good pulling shape and stocked for you and the wife,s comfort it can be addictive.