Thursday, April 10, 2014

They are gone !!!!!!

       Our granddaughter and her husband went and bought a station wagon .As soon as they had wheels they were off and running.Me and the wife are tickled they are gone.We had her 2 weeks and all they wanted was to burn the road and when the borrowed car broke she drove us crazy.Now they are living in the wagon maybe not as bad as a car but not a van by any means.To make it worst the station wagon is a SAAB it looks good and seems to be running OK but the first repair will be as much as they gave for the car 1000$.It makes no since to have such an expensive car to repair when your broke.
      My youngest daughter is getting ready to move out by the end of the month.I am building a fence for her to take the dogs with her.Today i got the posts so Sunday i will put it up and her last excuse will be history.I wish her and her fiance the best of luck,happiness (poor guy).MAYBE me and the wife will have an empty nest for a while.I know it sounds petty but i want to be able to fix coffee in my underwear walk from the shower to the bedroom naked,play slap and tickle with the wife and not have to do a location check to see how long we have.The wife says don't get my hopes up some one will take her place we are not meant to ever have the house to ourselves.I hope she is wrong but with 7 kids and 5 grand kids odds are against us.


  1. The empty nest is pretty sweet. We enjoyed it for 2 years before the youngest daughter had to come back home. Enjoy it while you can.


    1. Thanks Moe we are looking foward to it.The wife says it wont last but we can hope!