Monday, September 22, 2014

Great News.

     Well got a call Thursday to do the haunted house. It will be the first 3 weekend's Friday and Saturday nights in October and was asked back for the November bike rally.Will be doing shaved ice and funnel cakes,burritos and tacos at the haunted house for the teens and tweens.It should do good and also going to have sodas and red bull and monster energy drinks.
     Have decided for the bike rally To do shaved ice but use flavors geared to adults.Have ordered Bahama Momma ,Rum runner,Hurricane,Margarita and others will have some shine to add for those that want it.If i cant do BBQ I will do tacos also at the rally but for something different i will try a BLT taco and a spicy pork wrap with seracha sauce.The food is still up in the air a lot will have to do with if its cold at nite.
     Getting back into this feels good.I have been in kinda isolation from people the last 3 years.Sure i have camped and done my BBQ but this is  different.Perhaps I am getting old and have been in a rut but now i must learn what people want to buy again.What will sell and how to retain them in the future.What i do this fall is basically preparing for the spring festivals and getting a breakfast and lunch stand up and going.


  1. Congrats on the new opportunity! When you get set-up take some photo's of your food and customers enjoying it.

    1. I will Mike. One reason i dont do more pics is my camera is a high resolution nikon and blogger hates loading them.My old camera broke.but i will try