Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An easy money saving tip

     Ok we have all seen commercials for products to clean and renew car headlights.They are pricey and the 2 I had tried didn't work very good .My daughters boyfriend has been using her spare car and he saw a thing posted on face book on how to clean her headlights(hers were BAD).It was to use mosquito spray with 40% DEETs.Just spray rub repeat then wash and wipe.I had an old can of OFF tried it and was amazed.It took 15 minutes to do 3 cars.
     I drove my jeep last nite and could see the road great.Last month i had put new bulbs in because i couldn't see at nite driving now i see fine.I love this cheap fix . To replace my jeep headlight lens would have cost 100+ dollars.The Off spray i had.


  1. I normally use rubbing compound and a buffer. I like the idea of the deet and will give it a try.

    1. It works and would probably work better if you used a light rub of rubbing compound first.A chemist friend says it melts the plastic back to a smoother clear finish.All i know is i can see the road now.