Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great weather for getting ready for winter.

     It has been great sleeping weather around here.Lows at night 60 the days have been low 80s and no rain.Would be nice to just enjoy and relax but winter is coming.The flower beds have been cleaned the grass got its final cut (i like it a little tall for winter) took 2 loads to the scrap yard(made 64$ most went to buy hamburger that's on sale)burnt a bunch of dead branches.Have had to play catch up on a lot of chores and maintenance and still have a lot to do.MY wife said i don't need to do everything at once.I am 51 i know better than to speak without thinking but I did.
 "If not now WHEN ? If not me WHO ? What'ca watching after the price is right?"
    Yep my DUMB AZZ had to through that last line in there.The rest of the day it felt like Winter was here at my house.So i am glad i have got a lot done and have a lot more to finish. I don't think I'm going to be getting something for at least a week or more.
     We are suppose to go to the lake Monday and camp but who knows.If she starts loading it Sunday its on if not we stay here.


  1. Clean up the yard and building and make some cash on top of it, way to go! However making that comment to your wife you get the Darwin Award. Remember Elainea Bobbit?????