Tuesday, June 3, 2014

He was down to rice but alive.

     Left to go find my son early this morning.Now i admit i don't use GPS i had directions from my son in law.Not to bad he just had one right that should have been a left i figuired it out.When i pulled into the clearing where the old travel trailer was my son stepped out with a pot in his hands shocked to see me.He ate a few bites of rice and said it was all he had left to cook for the last 3 days.We walked around HIS place down to the creek and around the overgrown property.He was kinda proud that it was his but it needs a lot of clearing and leveling.As we talked he told me of an incident last week a man came and told him he was on the wrong lot.My son didn't know where the property lines really where.A BIG mistake in my book.I gave him some in put on a few things to help him out (his cat hole was to close to his trailer) and make life easier with so little.We loaded up for a run to town for groceries and a few other items i knew he needed.
      One thing my son wanted was more buckets.He said those things come in handy.We also picked up screw lid large canisters for sugar flour and other food he says never underestimate piss ants they get into everything.I took him to pizza huts lunch buffet so he could eat his fill and we could talk.Solitude seems to have mellowed him a bit,he acts like he may straighten up time will tell. Regardless its time for me to help and give him the tools to make a go of it.
     Before we went back to his place we went to the county courthouse and got a Plat map that showed his lot the property lines and road and creek.Once back i paced off and found he was right and well on his own property.We selected where his camper will go and what we will need to do to make this place livable.I think 2 days with a chain saw and my tractor will do 80% of t and he can do the rest.He has the time i have the tools.If he stays on track I will dad up and help get him set.


  1. Sounds like he is happy with his land and he should be. Owning your own is a goal many never achieve. Maybe when he starts putting sweat into his land clearing and improving it will be the turn in his life to make him understand life and appreciate things he took for granted. I wish him the best.

    1. i think he is proud of his land.He says he wants to move forward but he is one that always says what he thinks people want to hear I want to see actions.I will put in some sweat equity but i want to see it pour out of him.