Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Done!

     This weekend kicked my butt.I cooked and sold 44 Butts and 32 slabs .I am a greasy sweaty smoked mess.Made good money but I worked for it.Had a lot of people making 2 trips because it went fast when served.Had one man that has never baught from me even though i have known him for years buy a slab for his wife come back because she wouldnt share.I love seeing people smile when they pick up an order.
my baby


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  2. Hi Gary,
    I've tried to comment earlier but it looks like blogger dropped it somewhere. Anyway do you have any photos of the smoker and if so could you share them with how it is made? I like the looks of it and may want to make my own.

    Thanks bud,

    1. Sure will do a post on old red, it has changed and grew since that pic was took.

    2. Great! We'll be looking for it..