Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Do you have useful junk to.

     At some point in every one's life we need to inventory what we have in our home and what purpose it serves.Anyone that is over 40 probably has a lot of stuff that has accumulated and no this isn't a post on having a yard sale.I have a packed house and 3 sheds.The sheds are my domain and the house is my wife's.I was thinking about building a new shed because the 3 were over flowing but i have changed my approach.USE OR GET RID OF THE CRAP!!!! If i haven't used it in 5 years it needs to go.Yard sale Craig's list E bay or dump.Now the part that kills me is I paid good money for some of the crap that is just sitting.The first thing i did was clean out an area in one building for stuff that i will need for my vending trailers.This was the inventory part.

     I do BBQ for a living but i have 4 trailers not counting 3 campers.3 of the trailers need to be set up for something.When i was going through the sheds i found I had a ton of equipment not in use.
 stoleing ice cream machine
 funnel cake cooker
 shaved ice maker/snowball
 a 50 count hot dog/sausage cooker
 cotton candy maker
 nacho cheese and chip station
 pizza oven commercial set up
 full size propane stove/oven
 2 box smokers capable of 400lb cooking
 3 high output 2 burner stove tops
 40lb 2 basket fryer
 20lb 4 basket counter fryer
  This list is'nt bragging it is STUPID that i have all this stored and not in use or sold.I closed down my store 3 years ago sure some of it was from it but most of this crap i just got for a steal.BUT what good is it doing in my shed.Between now and the first of the year I plan on setting up 4 trailers.My trailer is already in demolition stage and will be built by November(I told you in an earlier post i was building a LARGE multi use one)but i will have 3 trailers to set with 
   1. funnel cake and ice cream
   2  shaved ice ,cotton candy, nachos
   3  pizza hot dog/smoked sausage,Sub/hogies
  This will clear out my sheds of a lot of large item's and my yard of vending trailers.First i will see if any of the kids or grand kids may be interested in using them.If that fails it is time to sell them.I am 1man i can't use 2 at once let alone 4.I hope the kids will try it my worst weekend in 3 year i made 180$ for 8 hours work and my best i made 1600$ in 10 hour of work.The kids think it is a waste of their time to even try.I love it, it isn't work its fun, smiling people make it worth doing.Its paid for equipment it needs to be put to use.I do not need to store stuff i want to clear out and not have the up keep.
    What have you stuck back and got that needs to be used or got rid of ? I bet it is more than you think.For me it was an eye opener.


  1. I think I beat you to it Gary. I worked part time (3 days a week) for the three years prior to officially retiring this last October, 2013. Since October I have been floundering about what to do with all this free time on my hands. I had a long hard conversation with myself and came to the conclusion that FIRST, I needed to get rid of my "STUFF" I don't now and never will use again. Stuff that only a man with the same skill sets would know how to or have a use for. So rather than have my son or wife sell or give away my stuff after I die, stuff I haven't used in the last 10 years I decided to sell it on Craigs or give it to the Salvation Army now. Most of it will go to the Salvation Army because it really pisses me off when someone offers me $5.00 for a like brand new $300.00 Binks spray gun. Anyway, getting rid of my stuff I won't use and keeping only what I use regularly now (Surf Fishing and Prepping stuff) makes me very happy plus I now have more room in the garage and closets. :-)

    1. Yep same page as you.I bet you almost laffed your self silly when some one offerd a hundred for that airless base unit with 200 ft of hose.I know i would hate to see what the wife and kids would sell my STUFF for if i died.