Friday, August 29, 2014

Kids and guns my view!

     This week we all have heard about the 9 year old girl that shot her instructor by accident with an Uzi.Such a tragedy for both the families.
    Now my own kids all started shooting around 6 with a bolt action marlin 10 single shot. then a glen field 60 tube fed semi.I took them my father in law took them target shooting.In the south it is normal.
    My in laws were 20 year Army.My first wife an Army brat.Guns are part of life but I would not allow a toy gun in the house.When my mother in law gave my oldest a cap pistol i told her NO TOY GUNS !!! Boy did she lite in to me i was a #$@%^$#& all kids had toy guns.While she was calling me every name in the book my father in law come in to see what the hollering was about.
   I told them they could get a laser pistol a star trek phazer a Nerf blaster any weird toy gun but if it looked like a REAL gun NO. My father in law was old school army calmly asked why.I told him they would learn to shoot a real gun when they were older but i wanted them to know guns where not toys.He turned to his wife and my wife told them he agreed with me shut the hell up.I had guns in the house and never saw my kids touch them.My kids will tell you they will not let a toy gun be give to their kids when they have them.
    I wouldn't let a 9 year old use a chainsaw or an Uzi.
Common sense isn't so common any more

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