Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are you a collector?

     Around here a lot of folks collect stuff muscle cars,old tractors are in barns and yards.Some i know have toy trains,guns, crystal,china depression wear glass.I have nothing against it but if it means little to your family at some point you have to get rid of it.
     Yesterday i listed part of what i plan on getting rid of.I have a friend that has over 60 rifles and shotguns.Now like any man I love Old guns but we were talking I asked him if you die will your wife know what to ask when selling your guns?Long story short he called me a lot of names told me even thinking about him dying and his guns being sold was wrong.I asked him if he was going to live forever or did i scare the hell out of him thinking about how little she would take?The later one.About a month latter he said he had asked his wife what she would do.Her reply was he needed to decide what he would will to the kids,what  5 or 6 he had to have was worth and what she needed to get on them and start selling the rest for top dollar!Now he was guilty on guns but she has a room full of depression glass in all colors that she has to sell.Both of them are about 65 and are SLOWLY selling off their collections for top dollar.We are talking a lot of crying here folks but they both know what their items are worth and will admit its better than the kids selling it for pennies.
       We all have hobbies and jobs and have good items we have hung on to isn't better that we get top dollar for the stuff.Think of all the time saved from cleaning and dusting it.Yes the cash is nice but not having to take care of it and store it is worth more. 

P.S. I had no idea depression glass in red was worth almost what a browning pump in good shape was.

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