Sunday, December 7, 2014

Imagine life on minimum S.S.

     My last post I wrote how Fixed income would now be subject to reduction. But I didn't touch on the rise in medical cost (now Mandatory) Inflation and the general increases in what is spent to be able to function as we age. At present S.S.says inflation was 1.6 present . Ahh how much has insurance gone up?8% 12% power gas phone water sewer ? If the government can cap increases in pay at 1.6% for S.S. and lie that that keeps up with inflation shouldn't it make it illegal for company's that provide senior services to go up more ?

    Now just for fun lets look at a person receiving the S.S.age62 minimum check.
    S.S. 726$
     Standard utility allowance for 1 is 355$ a month per household.
     Food cost per USDA for 1 is 189$ a month
     Medicaid part B is 104$ per month.
     The total for these 3 things  is 648$ out of 726$ now that leaves the staggering sum of  78$ for rent, car, gasoline, cloths, phone and medicine .

    Of the above expenses lets say a person only spends 240$ on utility's. They may be able to eat for 120$ a month. You can forget having part B coverage that leaves you with 366$ for rent and other stuff. GOLDEN YEARS MY ASS.

    The 726$ mark is not arbitrary it is well thought out by the government. It puts you above income for food stamps, most public housing, utility assistance, and a lot of other services.



  1. the government has thoughtfully provided exactly the amount to prevent you getting enough help to actually live long and prosper.
    how sly and tricky!
    deb h.

    1. Most people retirement age are reluctant to even aply because of the stigma of it.S.S. wasn't created for the elderly it was created to relieve families of the obligation so they could work manufacturing jobs.

  2. I have a young friend that works at Walmart. He's told me of "folks" that come through his checkout line with $hundreds of dollars of groceries and pay for them with two/three EBT cards. Same peeps drive off in Escalades and other high-end vehicles!

    There must be some tricks to working the system that us regular folks are not privilege to.


    1. A lot of what he sees is drug traded cards. A 200$ card is bought for 75$ in meth. then dealer buys meats and other items and sells for cash to other stores and bodega's.

    2. well, I learned something, thanks.

      I've noticed a distinctively different style to your writing, lately. Waz-up with that friend?