Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year.

   I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.At this time of year people are always making resolutions about losing weight , drinking ,smoking, and other things in their life that they want to change. That fine I have made them, some I have even kept till January the 6th.

    This year I will  be skipping RESOLUTIONS ! In place I will have Goals. I know its kind of the same thing but a goal is a place one want to be at  some point in the new year. With oil crashing and gas along with it .The stock market going up. Gold and silver falling, Inflation up ,only 6 out of 10 people working. I feel time is short before Something Big and Bad will happen .No not next week but in the next 12 to 24 months .

   1 find and fill holes in long term food storage !
   2 increase fuel storage gas and propane
   3 learn more on food storage cooking
   4 finish home repairs and yard work
   5 add to ammo before it disappears again.
   These are just a start . oh yea #6 is lose weight and eat healthier. Its an annually lie I had to add it in. Happy New Year


  1. Happy New Year Gary and Family!

    I like your goals as they are important and useful ones especially losing weight. I've dropped just over 25 lbs in the last 3 months and the results from my blood tests were amazing. So much so that the doc called me to say he couldn't believe the difference. I went from him saying "You're going to die if you don't change your ways" to every item on the blood testing panel returning to mid-range normal levels!!!! Just from losing that small amount of weight.

    My goal is to lose another 45 lbs and I'll be where I should be. It's been fairly easy so far and mainly about "No Alcohol" and "Portion Control" not any type of diet as diets never work for long and the junk you have to eat on a anorexic yuppie recommended diet is a pain to prepare.

    1. Mike congratulation's on the weight loss .Right now im at 265 most my life I was 240 to 245.My goal is to return to 240 by summer. I may watch a few thing better as far as diet but I need to exercise more. I told the wife we need to start walking regularly and fool around more. Her reply was she hates walking ;).

    2. Well things are looking up for you in 2015! :-)