Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A good time to get gear cheap !

     I know this time of year most people are shopping online or in big box stores looking for gifts. Now if your like me we men tend to wander off at some point to the automotive, Sporting goods and Hardware. Last weekend I skipped out to the pawn shop next door to a store my wife was in .Usually the prices at most pawn shops are high but last week I got a couple of good tools cheap and a lot of the prices were a bargain . The ladies at the register said sales were low during Christmas but pawns were high so they had to clear some room and generate cash. I bought a electric chainsaw a Homelite43120 with new chain and bar for 20.00  and a Milwaukee skill saw with a high end blade for 10.00. They both are in great shape . Most the electronics were still high but tools camping gear and out door items were cheap. Now a lot of people feel giving someone a used gift is wrong but if someone needs something and you can find a bargain  at a pawn shop or thrift store now may be your chance. 

P.S. The chainsaw and skill saw are going to be gifts to me from my wife. We have a deal where I buy the gift she gives me and she buys the gift I give her :) it works.


  1. I'd like that chainsaw under my tree! :-)

    1. Mike I used it today it cut a log the size of a 5 gallon bucket with no problem. Its 12 amp motor has power. Oh I do want those crust recipe's but windows 8 isn't talking to my e mail right now.