Monday, December 8, 2014

A few things to do before retirement .

    My last to 2 post have been kind of dark about retirement but retirement should be a happy enjoy able time. What brought on the bad mood is its tax time (property) insurance (cars and house), the holidays and a slow time for projects and BBQ . It has got me thinking about things I need to do so I don't wake up in 10 years and have an Oh Shit moment realizing I am retirement age and in trouble. While I wrote the other post I thought of a lady I once worked with that lives near here.
     Flo was 58 at the time she told me about this. I had just bought my house that's what started our conversation. Flo told me she was getting ready to retire at 62 so she was remodeling her house. A roof new appliances (I bought her used washer and dryer),painted inside and out. She got her a new car, had medical checks and dental took care of. She had a tree removed and her yard had beds removed so it was a flat straight mow job. She spent money as she got paid financed the car and the roof so it was paid off when she quit.
 She had a plan, NO payments and everything almost new to last her trough her retirement. She got to travel and last time I saw her she was mowing her yard. That car she had got was even in the drive .

    I have 10 years till I am of age to retire I guess I have already from real work . The house needs a lot of repairs we need a new truck the yard is a nightmare. The bad part is I am in the same boat as most that wake up and realize retirement has arrived and they didn't have a plan or income they need to get it done.Fortunantly I have 10 years to get things in shape Make a plan and get set to live on a Questionable income.


  1. You have ten years, make a plan and save all you can. I would recommend you grow the BBQ biz and really make it pay. Working for someone else is never a good idea. My good friend is 70 and has to continue to work because of no plan!

    1. Your right I have 10 years so I will get there. I made that pizza today turned out good for first time. As I made it I cost tracked the ingredient's 2 16 in pizzas loaded for 2.80$ each. Will be trying different crusts and pre bakes to see if possibly a future vend item. With bulk buys I think cost on a 2 topping would be 1.65 to 1.85 .Not bad profit at 8.00 to 10$ sale point or 3$ a slice.

    2. That's a real good food margin and from the sound of it you should consider the pizza as a welcome addition to the BBQ comfort food you already sell.

      I'll share with you my home made pizza crusts recipes if you like. They work well for me. Just send me an e-mail with 'Gary Pizza' in the subject line (I dump a lot of spam without looking at them)

  2. sounds good. sometimes you'll pick up b-b-q but the kids want something different. also should get some weekend 'pizza party' trade, do you think?
    deb h.