Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Routine medical checkup gone bad.

      My Mother went in Friday to have her colon scoped she is 74 and has had some bowel troubles. Now days doctors recommend any one over 50 to have one. Well what was going to be routine turned into emergency surgery when the doctor punctured her large intestine.

    Now she lives in a small town about 70 miles from me but it has a small regional hospital where she went for the scope. My Brother took her and was there when the doctor came out to inform the family what had happened. My brother went APE-SHIT as any son would being informed of something like this. Scared the doctor that he was going to be in need of medical assistance. The doctor run and hid . I did not know that 1 out of 1000 scopes caused tears or holes.
    A hole in the colon is a dangerous situation due to bile, fecal matter and bleeding . It took the staff 6 hours to find a surgeon and hospital room in Birmingham to fix her back up. Long story short the surgeon fixed the hole found she had an S shape where it shouldn't have been and narrowing around scar tissue .
   Mom will be released tomorrow the doctor says she is doing great and her past problems should be gone. It appears the other doctor (idiot) did no wrong other than not getting her to surgery quicker .

    The moral of this is there is no such thing as ROUTINE . This is something advised for everyone after 50 and in Moms case it could have been tragic . Ever wonder why you have to sign all those forms ? this is why.
  I admit I dislike most doctors and have mistrust of a business that calls itself a PRACTICE  instead of a PROFESSION.


  1. same thing happened to my mom. she was 83.
    doc got her in to surgery immediately.
    she is 91 now.
    your mom will be all right.
    mom had a squiggle in her intestine, too.
    doc said it was born there.
    i told the doc i would wait to kill him until i saw if mommy was alright.
    didn't have to hold his feet to the fire.
    he was so surprised because he had never had it happen before.
    hope he learned that old people are tender.

    1. Glad your mom is ok. They said my mothers was from an appendectomy when she was 7 in 1950. Yes the sweet ones get frail, the mean ones shrivel and get tough!

  2. Bad timing on this story from my perspective. I am going in for the same procedure in November, and it is being done by my GP in our pathetic local hospital. Hope your mom gets all well real soon.

    1. Harry I hope yours is uneventful. I got Mom back home about 9 last nite. Just be sure to drink the clean out so its a one and done.

  3. it is true, health is expensive, doing medical check up is a prevention and investment for better future!

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