Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Say Cheese ! Why now??

    Saw this today. Why now and do you believe its a giveaway?

   While I don't have a problem with them doing this, for some reason I have a problem believing they will GIVE it away.
    The government commodity programs ended in the early 80s much to the destruction of family farms . I remember commodity cheese and pork and beef. In the 70s the government determined break even cost on farm products. If say milk went 20% below cost of production the government bought till the price returned to even  if it rose above a certain % profit it sold its inventory to drop price.

    Back then it stabilized food cost, provided food for the hungry and supplemented school lunch programs. It also guarantied as a nation we had a 90+ day supply of grains meat and dairy . We had a national pantry! Those Days are gone what we have now is just government subsidy to corporations till more family farms fail .


  1. now that i am old enough to see the big picture i have realized that 'they' are destroying family farms on purpose.
    hell is a big place for a reason.
    hope i don't become one of the inhabitants myself.

    1. Deb yes the government knowingly destroyed farms by its policies. It had been trying since the 30s it finished it in the 80s as corporate farming took over.

  2. read the article. farmers can sign up for several more months. gets them all under the government's thumb.