Monday, August 8, 2016

Hot summer blaaa's and work.

     Like every one the heat of summer is getting to me to. I have been trying to limit outside jobs but a lot seems to be falling my way.

  I just took on cutting my oldest daughters yard every week. It only takes 30 minutes to cut and trim her place and it pays 20$ . Why did I take the job ? Its 20$ for 30 minutes DuH. Yes I am charging her, she is lazy . A teen up her street was doing it but it was to hard and hot so he quit, (wussey). I did pick up and swap out her  dryer today ( no charge That is a daddy job) I haven't told her I made 12$ scrapping her old one on the way home :). It is back to painting tommarow on youngest daughter place 2 more days and it will be painted. Electrician may show Thursday waiting on that call.

     Other than that I have been staying in just piddling dehydrating some stuff . I got 4 gallons of potatoes done and 6 lbs. of carrots next is going to be Vidalia onions. I have rendered 30 gallons of beer down to 6 gallons of heaven .


  1. Replies
    1. You distill it. To some it just Shine to others old Mt dew. Just for the record I don't drink. I learned it from some old timers so their heritage wouldn't die.