Monday, August 22, 2016

Germany advicing to be prepared?

    Found this article  kinda makes you wonder what may be heading towards every one.

 Our economies are very similar one thing I found interesting was in the last paragraph they have a national food storage program. We use to but that was then.


  1. Get ready, the shit storm is brewing. The world hates America (actually hates our politicians but no one seems to understand they are the worlds problem) and the opportunity to kill us is for the taking. If you live in a small town you're lucky, if not tanks and bombs will be falling on us soon! Watch the European aggression migrate next to or boarders. The panty wearing Canadians have been living off our military backs all there lives while we taxpayers foot the bill for those liberal cowards. Our Salvation Army can kick there asses. A very simple way to surround us from the north and the south like Mexico is easy. Mexico would welcome Russia to their country just to screw us! Canada would roll over and start crying and let them roll over their country, the frigging cowards.

  2. While our southern and northern flanks are poorly defended The middle is strong. If the Russians or Chinese want to kill our federal leaders they would have 250 million allies here. After that it would be game on. The one thing Americans and most foreign nations can agree on is OUR GOVERMENT LEADER"S SUCK.