Saturday, August 13, 2016

So What if the RNC disavows Trump?

      There are rumblings' for the RNC to abandon Trump because of what the media has twisted his words to sound like.

1 If you listen to what he said in what context it is never as the headline's make it seem.

2 The MSN wants to spin every thing to damage Trump

3 The media can't understand why their opinion don't make a difference with voters.

4  The RNC and its members are as panicked as the MSN because Senate and house members are scared to use plain English that pins their opinion .
   Why is " The Donald " still a threat ?
 1 He isn't a politician !
 2  He talks like Cliff Claven from Cheers.
 3 He is pissing Every one in politics' off.
 4 He  likes rocking the ship.
 5   Lets see I am missing some thing ?

 He isn't  Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!

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