Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ever wonder what a Modern civil war would look like?

     I am no psychic but here is what it looks like in Syria. We like to think these parts of the world are not modern cities with all the amenities and intrastructure  of  our cities but  that is a mistake.

     Here are some before and after shots to think about. The city is 
Aleppo Syria.

   While it would be nice to think the citizens could return our country to a constitutional democratic republic with out this happening, Do you think those corrupt bastards will leave short of this ?

 I got it because I visit http://extragoodshit.phlap.net/  Daily


  1. for the greedy there are no limits.
    they are psychopaths and sociopaths.
    in other words, their daddy is the devil.

  2. I think it might well come to that here. I don't know how it would develop, or what the catalyst would be. It just seems the polarization of the country has reached a point where we either buckle under and become slaves of the Obama class, or we resist.

    1. Harry this week I think we saw fear in the PTB and their quislings. Trumps words on the NRA and 2nd supporters holding the power to challenge them scared them. They are limited to judicial and legislative action. We are Not .

      I have said many time " I can do anything I want if I decide its worth standing trial"