Friday, September 30, 2016

Got the H&R, parts for the others came in.

  This morning me and my son went and picked up the H&R . When we got home my order from Brownnell had come in. A normal person would go shoot a new gun but being abnormal I took the parts and fixed my Old marlin 25, bolt action 22 . The extractor spring was broke and I had lost the clip for it. Both were in the box and only took 5 minutes to put on.

   Last week I had bought some CCI quiet's for a friend. I went back and got me 3 box's for myself . I have never shot any Quiet loads before and wanted to test the old marlin I had just worked on. So I loaded the clip , walked out back and shot into an old log about 30 yards away . My son was beside me and asked what kind of round was I shooting? His air rifle was louder  we couldn't believe how quiet they were. Shot 5 rounds with open sights standing made a 3 " group 2" high to bull's-eye. I am sold, for a bolt or single shot 22 these are perfect if you want to be un-heard . I will defiantly be getting more of these !!!! While we were plinking a hawk swooped in and ran the chickens to cover. Big mistake for him he settled on a branch about 40 yards away and up easy shot I ruined his lunch and life. Normally I wouldn't have shot him but he had his eye on a chicken dinner .
     If you like to plink but are leary of the crack of normal 22's I highly recommend trying the CCI Quiet .


  1. You may want to remove the sentence about shooting the hawk. I believe it is illegal.