Monday, October 3, 2016

Seasonal bargins.

    Every year we see stores markdown seasonal items to get rid of them. Summer cloths down to 1$ to make room for  Fall/Winter wear. Now I never shop for cloths I have a wife and 2 daughters and my cloths magically appear. Saturday my daughter gave me 4 shirts and a receipt for 8$. My wife got me 2 pair of sweat pants ( the ones that don't look like sweats) she paid 12$ for both. They had gone to Kohl's for 35% off plus 25% off that and used their Kohl's cash.

     To the ladies  bargain hunting is a full day out . It was my wife her sister and my daughter. Glad I worked and glad they had fun. They even got 2 electric can openers for nothing and a 5$ rebate on top .

     They had fun it was cheap for shopping. Now I am not immune to seasonal bargain hunting. I bought our camper in winter when prices were lower . I always car hunt in the fall because prices are less. This year I bought a good riding mower for 50$. Friday an acquaintance/friend came up to the BBQ just as I was getting set up . Grass cutting is over around here except for a winter trim out. He asked a 100 for his father riding mower (his dad died in June) I had just spent 100$ for the shotgun so I told him I didn't think I could swing a 100$. In the last 3 weeks this man has sold me 60$ in tools,  push mowers and other items . About an hour later he stopped again and said "50$ and its yours". I agreed  I knew his dad well, even had him work on some of my mowers in the past.

    Picked it up Sunday and all that it needed was air in 2 tires. It had a battery that was bought in may 2016 plus a set of extra new blades. This is a sweet running mower now I feel guilty about the price. I think I will give his Mom 25 more to ease my  mind . She can use it after all she lost her husband of 52 year and has a drunk 50 year old son driving her nuts. Now I have 3 riding mowers 2 will be sold this spring  at season premiums.
     P.S. Block buster BBQ weekend the cooler weather made sales more than double the last few weekends. Last months budget went red maybe this month will return it to black !

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