Friday, October 14, 2016

Short vacation.

    Me and the wife went camping this week the temps have been perfect to be at the lake. I didn't want to go but she whispered promises in my ear so I was game. We had planed on leaving Tuesday morning but we kept the grand kids (4 &2)and that takes a day to recover from. I had to come home this morning to do BBQ but I will go back tomorrow after I get done. My wife's sister is staying with her while I am here. Even a short vacation helps recharge the batteries.

    I hate leaving the wife but the BBQ has returned to good profitability .After a long hot slow summer it feels good to be making decent money again. Which is needed because the water company finally approved to install the water meter at my daughters place. That's next weeks project having the water turned on and running down and fixing leaks. I still haven't found a licensed Electrician to run from the pole to the trailer. The power company has a new policy any inactive addresses for 2 years requires an inspection . I will set no dead line I have said end of the month since July and its now October .


  1. thank God you are able to make a living.
    hope you come back fully recharged.

  2. All work and no play.... You put in the hours, enjoy taking a little time off to live.

    1. We had a great time. We ended it at our grandsons wedding. They had a traditional wedding followed by a BLOWOUT !!! party. I even got up for a dance or 3 . The Dj played from the 50s to today music. The wife's feet are still swollen been a while but she can still boot ,skoot and boogie :).