Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Today at Sam's Club i saw a like minded soul.

      Wednesdays is my running around day. Normally I leave about 830 am to do our shopping. My wife hates shopping with me because I run the stores at marathon speed. Today I left at 1030 because she had the 2 yo grandson.
     I hate shopping and try to limit it to 1 trip a week. it goes.
Sams Club
Wal Mart
Grocery store/Butcher

     This week I needed a decent amount of stuff at Aldi's but had to hit Sam's for a few items for the BBQ and some more Hashbrowns and check flour and rice prices.
 As I went flying down the dry good isle there was a man with a buggy with  3 50lb bags of rice and 2 of flour . I slowed because he had picked up 2 25lb of pinto's and was debating on a 3rd.  Now I didn't know the man at all  BUT he had on a camo T shirt a Gadsden flag ball cap and an air about him.  When I passed him I said " 2 25s and a 10 fill 2 buckets ". He looked up as I kept going his look went from confused to a huge grin . Nothing else was said he grabbed the 10lb bag as I  rounded the corner still grinning.
    I finished up what I had to do and as I loaded the car I took a quick scan of the parking lot. Off on the side was a 90s dark green Ford Truck with slightly over sized Mud tires . If I had waited I bet its driver wore camo and a Gadsden hat.
    If you want to remain under the radar when buying prepp's blend in and don't drive your bug out truck.

P.S. starting the 26 th Peanut butter at Sam's will be 2.25 off. Rice beans, flour have dropped again.

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