Thursday, February 20, 2014

Health can change any plans.

     Sorry i haven't been posting much lately.Right after New Years my wife had a questionable series of mammograms about 5.The first of February she had a biopsy inconclusive.This week she had a lumpectomy to put every thing to rest and we are waiting on the results.Now the breast doctor told us the biopsy didn't show cancer but she had radial scaring and a bad family history of breast cancer so he wanted to be sure.
     Now that's not what the post is about.But back before Christmas i had purchased a travel package to Orlando for a 3 nite stay at one of those travel time shares for idiots.Yea i was going to have to sit though a sales pitch but for 149$ i will get 100$ n Bass Pro cards and a 4 nite cruise (found out to take the free cruise it will cost 360$) Not a great deal but OK. We were to go down 1/24 and stay at this park for a few days then go to the time share.After that we had talked about going to and Key West.I was looking forward to this winter trip and so was the wife.Thank goodness we had a window to change our plans we canceled the day after the first mammogram.
     Now after 6 weeks of waiting we hope that this will be put to rest by Wednesday and she has a follow up on 3/5 i think .After that the wife asked me when could we leave.She is itching to go some where warmer and sunny.When we first started going camping she did it to humor me but the last year she has been the one with wander lust.If her health holds i think we will be going even more.