Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Freaky weather and under the weather.

    The last 2 weeks mother nature has had some fun here.We have had lows down to 8 and highs the next day of 60.We had a snow storm of talcum powder that packed into ice in an hour.On top of this i got a cold (damn kids )and am on round 2 with it now.
      The second cold nite killed my jeep and truck battery less than 2 month ago i had my little trucks battery died.I had been using my daughters battery from her spare car my luck held she decided to take her spare to work and finds out i had stole her battery.Yep it was 24 outside and she wants me to"PUT IT BACK".I knew i should charge her rent.I have 3 vehicle with dead batteries a cold and the high was going to 39.
      I make it for a few days by putting my camping battery in the floor of my jeep running jumper cables out the window under the hood to the bad battery.I looked like a real redneck but it worked.I had a good weekend selling BBQ after the snow but 300 dollars for car batteries just wasn't going to be possible.A buddy of mine said try PULL A PART so Monday it was in the 50s i felt better so i went down found 3 for 20$ each they we less than a year old got a set of spark plug wires for the truck and a rotor also.Got home put the batteries in changed the plug wires out and spent less than 75$.The brake rotor will be put on when i have a tire fixed next week the old one has been warped for 3 years no rush.
      Now this week we have had a lite icing and up to 3 inches of snow possible tomorrow.If something breaks I wont be surprised it the weather,the season ,and my luck!!


  1. I remember when living up north with those cold nasty days and it always seemed to be those days were the days something around the house or car would fail. Glad to hear you found a source for inexpensive batteries. I just bought two for my solar system and they cost me $150. Batteries are getting along with everything else, too expensive. Stay warm!

    1. Yep when it sleets it pours.Now that i have batteries in the trucks i think next time i go to pull a part i will get a couple of spare batteries.I know car batteries are not suppost to be cycled but a couple cheep ones could be litely cycled.and solar charged