Wednesday, February 26, 2014


    Well the doctor called the wife doesn't have Cancer it was benign!!! It was pre cancerous but now it is out, they want her to take the lose dose preventative treatment.She doesn't show it but i can tell its a load of her mind .We went yesterday on her kidney pain and was told she may have been passing micro stones and that's why she has had occasional kidney pains.
     It is a warped kinda humor that all this started at the same time as she started her social security.Her first check arrives in march and she started falling apart in December.Now we have her super glued back together and a steady income she wants a new small camper with a bathroom to travel in.Last month me her and her sister and brother in law went to the R.V. show it was a interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon.We looked at RVs that cost 20 times what i paid for our home,a few that were affordable.The wife fell in love with this one to some this would look dinky and impractical but we teardrop so it looks huge and luxurious.The sister fell for a Forrest river Freedom 22 footer and bought it the next week.
     The retro my wife loves is my dream camper to and it is reasonable priced at 13,900 (I cant believe i called that reasonable)I have not had any payments on anything since 2005 and have no real job now so financing is going to take a 3rd party(my mom).Normally I would not even consider this but this scare has made me understand our time on earth is limited and i want to spend it with my wife dong what we enjoy.


  1. Well that is good news!!! :-)
    I think the tear drop is more fun but more room is nice also. Hard choice.

  2. Thanks mike it made our new year.The teardrop wont be abandonded just some longer trips will be eaier in a larger unit.