Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We can prevent terrorism without goverment permission

     Normally I don't write about national affairs as my opinions hold no sway. Our elected official's are on a course to destroy America's Identity as a nation and the safety of citizens .
 here is a link on the first war on Muslim terrorist.

     An interesting bit of un taught history. It took place because we were weak and had no Navy. They held us in contempt .

     Now our leaders have no backbone to take a stand and close our boarders or To stand up to foreign leaders and elitist. Go read this. 

   We as individual's have the right and responsibility to make as many place's and events hardened targets. France has strict gun laws and it showed with 129 dead it is a soft target as is most of Europe . We have 300 million guns. We can't stop suicide attacks but perhaps we can save thousands of lives and send these cowards to there Maker in quantities that makes them respect us.

    We are at risk because ISIS is correct  Our LEADER'S are COWARDS . ISIS doesn't understand the difference between our leaders and WE THE PEOPLE . We are armed, WE are willing and We are a force to be reconeded with .

    We all need to carry weather by a CCL or Open !!!!


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    1. Thanks Deb. It burns me up that people cant see the disarmed and Pacifist are targets. Has anyone ever heard of a gun range being robed?

  2. Agreed. I've got a carry permit, but recently met with a SWAT instructor to arrange for some one-on-one training---with terrorist issues as my focus. Should be interesting, may be life-saving! (P.S. I'm a 57-year old grandma with children to protect!!!)

    1. Thank you . Instructors are going to be busy this year.