Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Full plate,projects to finish.

    Ok I know Tax property isn't a normal prepping topic but it is a way for a poor man to get a second location. I am still looking for what I want. My son's place of 2 acres is close (if it happens) but I am learning the system so it will happen. Finding abandoned properties for the kids and grandkids is a bonus in the search. If I make money on a few it is just more money for what I want to do. I haven't abandoned the food trailer in fact I have boxed in the wheel wells and framed the serving windows. I have to choose what and how much I spend much more closely in the coming months. I have to many projects half complete. 2016 will be a year about finishing projects.

     My hope is to finish the food trailer, get the Blount county house fixed and sold/rented, rework the trailer ,shed at the 3 acre property. I will be on the hunt for me a BOL if it is offered. Its not that I want the perfect place but it needs to be remote and private to put a camper at times and a supply cache on site. Me and the wife love to camp but sometimes it more about being alone and away from the house. While 25$ a night isn't bad to camp, it won't take many days to pay for a getaway property.

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