Thursday, November 12, 2015

Now the fun begins.

    It was the deed at the post office . We went and picked it up about 9 this morning and got to the Blount county courthouse about 10;30. The lady at the registers office had to ask the probate judge and tax commissioner how to handle it. Seems it is rare up there for a state issued deed to be recorded. The Tax assessor's office Had to call the state to make sure it included 2015's taxes (it did). It took less than 30 minutes to get it all finished. I love that courthouse they are friendly and helpful . In my county its "not my department" and hang on I got a facebook update to read. 

    My son and I drove by the 2 pending properties and then went to the new house . Sunday I get to go to Lowes for OSB and 2x4s . WE have decided to redo the rotted wall on Monday and winterize what needs to be to. The wall has to be redone so no since in doing it half way now and redo it right latter. Next week I will post some pictures of it as I want a before and after log of it.

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