Monday, November 23, 2015

Texas logic .

  Sounds like a humane response. Made me smile.

P.S. My wife has drooled over this man since the movie Roadhouse


  1. funny!
    when i have seen the rio not-so-grande, you would have had to strain some to drown in it
    when daughter was little we went out that way on the train.
    she wanted to remind me of something on the trip but didn't have a time so she said, 'it was when we got to where the rivers started to have some water in them.'.
    another thing she said , while we were on the short layover in el paso, was, 'what is that pile of garbage over there?' . she was looking south over the river.
    i said ,that's not a pile of garage, that's mexico.

    1. Deb I have been to Texas once. It was 112 with 95% humidity in Houston.