Monday, November 16, 2015

Why I hate the suburbs.

   First let me make clear I live in semi rural and unincorporated part of the county. My daughter lives in an older development that was annexed years later by a small city. This city is only 8 years old . It incorporated to keep its resident from being swallowed by a much larger city and protect its homeowners from the large city's taxes, zoning and excessive ordinances.

   Now it don't take no genius to know it has morphed in to a beast as bad or worse than the large city it was to protect its citizens from. First this town decided it want to expand so it doubled its boundaries. it raised taxes and licensing fees. Then it adopted strict yard and appearance codes. It has even banned any farm animals and certain breeds of dogs.
   Ok this suburb city has 25 employee's but only 4 of them are in city services the rest are administrative and inspection. My daughter has been cited in 4 years 6 times by the city inspectors
Once for parking in her yard (she had a sprained ankle)
Once for having a banned breed (pit bull 1/4 mix)
Once for shrubs higher than her porch rail .
Three times for grass exceeding 8 inches

  The last one was the shrubs I spent 6 hours Sunday cutting them all to the ground I put plastic on the ground and mulch. She now has no bushes just 2 mulch bed so nothing will grow back . She isn't the only one with multiple citations. What they have is a group of about 20 pissy employees that want to run everybody's life. It is a power trip for them they love having the power to make citizens jump . Suburb city's offer few service's to those trapped or annexed in to their oversight. Some like the one my daughter is in acts more like an HOA with no club house or pool .

    Out in the country we rarely get harassed by inspectors. The last one at my house left wondering if I was an anti social misfit who failed to understand he knew best. The man didn't like being referred to as a civil servant. He didn't like me inspecting HIS truck and having me point out it was Tax payer property. 



  1. friend of ours ran for town council to get the zoning officer under control. she's in and he is out.
    your daughter and a coterie of like mindeds might put up a few candidates of their choosing and see if they can get a couple of winners.

  2. They have but they will never get a majority to effect change.